Crew News April 28, 2011


Reading ~ Read a good book or two.

Math ~ Home Link 8.10 Family Letter

More Sharing

Remember Mrs. Frazier’s class from Ohio? They commented on our Climbing Voice Thread last week. We connected with them again yesterday. Two boys in their class created a math game and made a Voice Thread of it. They sent the link to us and we commented on it. Their game used 10 Frames and was a way to create sums that equal 10. After we watched the Voice Thread, we tried out their game. Below are the Voice Thread and a picture of us testing out the new game. Our comments will play at the end of the video and are all attached to my picture.


Winter Voyage 2011

We are all home – safe, sound and very, very tired – from our Winter Voyage. The crew had a great time. The big hit of the Voyage was sledding down the huge hill. Enjoy the slideshow of photos below. Instead of my writing a long post about the trip, I think I will let the crew write about it on their own blogs. Be sure to check  back and see what they have to say about the trip.

I want to express a big thank you to all of our chaperones – Joe, Jacquin, Craig, Mark, John, Tammy, Nancy, Alyse, and Annie. Thanks for all of your hard work and support. These trips would not be possible without you.


Crew News November 29, 2010


In Math we are learning about measuring. Last week we measured objects in our classroom with our bodies. Some of the measurements we used are still used today and some were used in olden times. We measured with our fingers called digits. We measured with our hands and that was called hand spans. We measured in cubits which is the space between your elbow and your fingertip. It is fun to walk around and measure things. We had fun. – by Ms. Jill’s Crew

(See the slideshow above for photos of us measuring.)

Reading ~ Read a good book or two.
Math ~ Home Link 4.2 Measuring with Hand Spans

Paper Towel Rolls Needed

In another week or so we will need empty paper towel rolls to use to make a number scroll in math. If you could send in any that you have that would be a great help. We will need 2 per child so we can use all that you may have.

Parking Lot Reminders

Parents, please do not drop off students in the parking lot. If you are entering the parking lot, you must park and walk students to the building. Kids are walking through the parking lot while cars are pulling in and out! This is so incredibly dangerous.  While we understand that the kiss and go lane can move slowly, dropping students off in the parking lot is not an option. Another dangerous situation is when parents park right at the crosswalk to let kids off.  It blocks other drivers from seeing kids trying to cross. There is a city no parking sign there. Thanks for helping keep all kids safe.

Crew News October 25, 2010


Morning Meeting
Every morning at school we have a morning meeting. The first thing we do at our morning meeting is we read our morning message. Next the teacher’s helper leads us in saying the Pledge to the flag. Every day we greet each other in different languages. Today we said Buon Jiorno which is Italian. After we greet each other we have sharing time. The last thing we do is an activity. Today’s activity was drumming. We learned how to beat the drum correctly. We learned how to use our hands for drumming. Morning meetings are a good way to start the day.                                                                           -By Ms. Jill’s Crew


Reading ~ Read a good book or two.

Math ~ Home Link 3.1 Patterns


Student-led conferences are Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon. Check your email for a list of conference times.

Crew News October 5, 2010

New Case Study
In Expedition we are going to learn about how families in China are the same and different from us. Yesterday we went into Ms. MaKayla’s room to look at clues for what the next part of our Expedition will be. We saw stuff from China like balls, fans, gum, money, statues and dolls. We went on a gallery walk to look at all the stations of things. We liked the gallery walk. It was fun. You can see pictures of the gallery walk in the slideshow above (on the blog).
–by Ms. Jill’s Crew


Reading ~ Read for 15 minutes.

Math ~ Home Link 2.14 Unit 3: Family Letter


We use strategies all the time to help us solve problems in all areas of life. We know that strategies are things we can try in different situations and for different reasons. Our crew made lists of just some of the kinds of strategies that we use throughout the day – see the slideshow above. We work hard at becoming strategic thinkers who can look at a problem and think of several strategies we can try to solve it.

Crew News October 4, 2010

Then and Now
In Expedition, we have been learning about families. We wanted to learn how families have changed from a long time ago until now. So first we read a book about families then and now. Then we interviewed our grandma and grandpa or our mom and dad to find out what was different when they were little. We made a picture of the things we learned and put it on the blog. – by Ms. Jill’s Crew


Reading ~ Read for 15 minutes.

Math ~ Home Link 2.13 Counting Money


The parking lot at the Early Childhood Center next door is only for parking. It should not be used as a drop-off lane in the mornings before school.

The informational meeting for families interested in the Discovery program is Wednesday, October 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Renaissance gym.

Date Swap: For Renaissance, December 17th will be a school day for students but January 3rd will not.

We need volunteers to help belay during our climbing days in November. All the information you need is on the Phys Ed Forum page of the Renaissance website. If you already know what days and times you can help but can’t come in to the building to sign up, send me an email and I can put your name on the lists in the gym. Thanks.

We Are All Experts

One of my goals as a teacher is to help each child find the things that they are passionate about and to know their own strengths. To get us started thinking about this we talked about the words “passionate” and “expert” during a recent morning meeting. Then we thought for a couple of days about what our passions and strengths might be. Finally, we created the charts shown here. We use these charts to help us remember that we are all good at something. This helps on those days when something might seem particularly challenging. We also use them to get to know our crew members better. We know who to ask if we need help or have a question about something. We can also use the charts to help us recommend good books that we find to others. They are also great conversation starters and have led to some wonderful sharing. We are all really starting to appreciate our differences and similarities and how these change over time.


How to Speak Moo

Our crew did an amazing job sharing the story How to Speak Moo at the All School Meeting this morning. I thought they acted like true performers up there on the stage. They all knew their part and played their instruments well. I was very proud of them. Below is a short slide show of photos that I took this morning for those who weren’t able to attend. When we share during Morning Meetings in our classroom, the person sharing asks the crew for questions or comments. If any of you have some questions or comments for our crew, it would be great if you could comment on this post on the blog. We look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks, Ms. Cheryl, for helping the crew put this musical story together. We all enjoyed it!

Math Explorations

Today in Math we did an activity called Explorations. Explorations is the Everyday Math term for math centers. The purpose of our Exploration time today was to spend time with many of the tools and manipulatives that we will be using this year in math. This way the students learn what each tool can do so that they will be ready to “do math” with them in future lessons. As you can see from the pictures in the slideshow above, a big side benefit was that it was tons of fun!