Voice Threads

This page is designed to showcase Voice Threads by our crew and other classes. The goal is to make it easy for the students to find a Voice Thread that they want to view and comment on. The Voice Threads posted here may change from time to time.

Poetry Tag

We are playing Poetry Tag with some other classes from Ohio and Maine this month. The first class selects a poem and shares it on Voice Thread and then “tags” the next class. This continues until all of the classes have been tagged and added a poem to the Voice Thread. All of the classes will read the poems and makes comments to share our thoughts on each poem. What a fun activity for the end of the school year. Thanks for inviting us, Mrs. Frazier!

Voice Threads by Our Crew

Spring Climbing

Making Polygons

Winter Voyage

Pacific Ocean Market and King’s Land Restaurant

Voice Threads by Mrs. Frazier’s Class

Ten Frame Game


I Must Have Bobo

The Day I Met Maddie

My New Ferrit

5 thoughts on “Voice Threads

  1. Ms. Jill,
    Please share your VoiceThreads with us? We are not able to voice comment here in this page, I am not sure why.
    Thanks! Mrs. Frazier


  2. Mrs. Frazier,

    I am not sure why either. I do have comments moderated so your comments won’t appear until I approve them so that may be part of the issue.

    Ms. Jill

  3. Hi Crew~
    Thanks so much for playing Poetry Tag with us! It’s so fun to hear all your voices and read your poem! You are wonderful poets!
    Looking forward to Skyping with you soon!
    Mrs. Frazier’s Friends

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